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Monday, June 6, 2011

Viaggo Italiano Misc-

Ok so there is lots I have left out but will post Misc ones when I think of things. No pictures to go with this. And most of it you might have had to been there for it to be funny but I want to document the trip.

At dinner the second night in Italy Andrea tried to guess what kind of student we were in high school. It was fun. She was almost wrong on everyone and us about her. It was fun to learn more about her and Kandice and hear stories from my Dad about high school that I had forgotten.

"Poke your pecker". The girls didn't want the guys to sleep on the way to Florence because they would miss the countryside. So we heard Kandice tell Adam "I'll poke your pecker if you fall asleep."

Cardoons. I asked Lorenzo about Cardones. He knew what they were. Lena boils them then dips in egg and fries them and then serves them in tomato sauce. I will have to try this next time I make them. I have been looking at the produce markets to see if I see any there but I think like in America they are seasonal-- early spring and fall.

Antista Rock--My Aunt and mom's maiden name is Antista and that is how we are related to the Scancarellos. My grandmother was a Riggio before she married an Antista. Both Riggio and Antistas are from Sicily. In Sicily there is Antista Rock where there is suppose to be buried money. But no one has ever found it. Next trip is to Sicily. We also discussed that there is still the Antista name in Italy but Riggio is not common. Reggio we have seen everywhere. We think it was changed when they entered at Ellis Island.

Swear words in Italian. We asked Lorenzo wait he knew and if Catarina knew any. It was funny trying to hear him swear and no one know except us he was swearing.

Water taxi ticket lady story. She called Adam and us idiots because we were buying the one way tickets. We kept asking her but instead of trying to explain to us she kept calling us idiots. She was correct.

Adam--"I'll be right back". Adam was trying to find a map of Cortona at the TI--Tourist Information but it had moved and we couldn't find it. He disappears with this old guy with a cane and says. "I'll be right back". He was gone a long time so Kandice and I set off to find him. He got a map and was told where to rent motos and told about a great winery.
Adam disappeared up the stairs in front of the white car.

Bumper of car and taillight. As Uncle Bob was taking us to be dropped off in Camucia he backed into a post. We didn't look until we got out in town but is was not pretty. The left bumper was dented and the tail light broken. But when he picked us up later he had removed the dent from the plastic bumper and taped up the light. You could tell it was broken but it was not obvious. BTW the car had only 25 km on it when we got it and it had the new car smell. When we left it the smell was gone, well the new smell, and it had a broken tail light and scraped up hub cap. The Francisco Disco Wagon served us well.

Setting alarm clocks. Andrea would wether clock her 17 minutes fast because it was to hard to subtract or add 17 to the the actual time to figure out if she would be late. Kandice and Andrea both had weird issues where they could only set alarms for certain times, on the quarter hour for example or could only leave for work at a certain time. Made me seem normal. I like them.

I eventually included this in a blog but every time we ordered food Kandice ordered meat. I think the best was the first might in Cortona but she had some great pork chops and chicken too. She was the carnivore of the group.

3 Prong!!!! This I included in a blog.

It's our last night. Let's go to a Biblioteca tonight!!!!!" After Andrea said this we all laughed and she was wondering why. We explained that Biblioteca was the library. She was then like what should I have said and we explained the discotec.

Here is a picture of our Bible.

My new shot glasses. I bought the Pisa one from a vendor that was closing. I didn't realize it was leaning until I just opened it. Cool.

And I only bought this because it caught the corner of my eye while buying a shot glass and it is wrong on so many levels I could not pass up buying it. It has to be sacrilegious. Right?

A Pope bobble head? They had a John Paul one but out of respect to him I chose the Benedict one. I have some standards.

It will be going next to my Dwight bobble head on my desk at work.
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