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Monday, June 6, 2011

Viaggo Italiano Giorno-Dodici-Arrivederci!!!

Sad but relieved to be going home. We called for a large van and got a huge Mercedes luxury van.

Here are some shots from our room. And outside the apartment. I also forgot to tell you to get into our place you have to reach through the gate and grap the "hidden" key to open the gate then put the key back.

When we got to the airport the flight was overbooked and they were offering $400 American cash and a hotel room and we would be on tomorrow's flight. It was tempting but everything in Rome is closed on Sunday and we are ready to be home.

Nothing too eventful on the flight from Rome to Dulles. I bought a large bottle of Grappa for me and a small bottle for my brother at the Duty Free store. We were all trying to get rid of our Euros without exchanging them back to American cash.

I bought wifi to upload some of the blogs and we boarded the plane. We were delayed due to air traffic control until Noon. Our original departure time was 11:10 but we still got in early.

Customs was easy. We had to put our duty free liquor in our checked bags and then I wanted American Mexican food. In n' Out will be for when I get to SD or maybe a California burrito. We were all eating our food like we hadn't eaten in a week. To us it was about 9pm and the food on the plane was interesting. I ate my burrito which was mostly rice way to fast and I know it was not good but it tasted good.

Our next flight boarded and left early so we are scheduled to land early in SD. It is 2:14am tomorrow to my body and it will be about 5am to me when we land but as I write this it doesn't seem that late/ early. I slept a little on the first flight but I am not tired now. I am sure it will hit me later/ tomorrow. Some of the 3 P's work tomorrow. They are crazy. I am not returning to work until Wednesday. Tomorrow morning I am setting an alarm to get up an go to breakfast. I need eggs, bacon, pancakes, and hash browns. I am looking forward to my Friday VIM at DZ Akins.

If we take a final group photo I will post it next. We are going to meet up at an Italian restaurant in one month to reminisce about our Viaggo Italiano! Bullseye will make it happen.

The week went by so fast but at the same time it seems like I was in Venice a long time ago. Cortona was my favorite. I always talk about retiring in Santa Barbara but I might need to visit the Italian Rivera again and see if I can find a nice spot to spend part of the year. I saw pictures of Cortona in the winter and while it would be cool to visit it would not be cool to live. I also decided if I get married again it will be in Italy. So if my mom wants to be there she better learn to get on a plane.

I will be returning to Italy in 2 years to explore different parts especially Sicily.

3 Prong out!


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