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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Viaggo Italiano Giorno-Otto-Due

More pictures from Assisi.Photos were prohibited in the church and tomb but......

We then stopped for lunch and I had Spaghetti alla Carbonara which is spaghetti, egg, and bacon. I will be making it myself this weekend.

Next we headed to a castle in Assisi, Rocco Maggiore. It was a hike so Shifty and Bullseye navigated us to the top. We followed signs and kept going further then where other cars were parked.

The Francsico Disco Wagon all my itself.

The castle was pretty cool. You could climb to the top of one tower and walk inside the wall to the other tower. It was long and dark. I got claustrophobic and came back but gave Chris my camera.

One more picture of Francsico Disco Wagon so you will understand the next part of the story.

So the drive back was interesting. We think we drove farther then we should have. I made a video which I will post. Just watch it. It says it all. You could not go down the way we came up. We had to go through the narrow streets of the town. Not sure how well the video captures how narrow the streets are but we maybe had an inch or two on each side of the van through the first narrow archway. We had to fold in the mirrors. Other parts were extremely narrow also. Chris "Shifty" Lopez dominated the Francisco Disco Wagon.

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