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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Viaggo Italiano Giorno Sei - Due

Uncle Bob dropped us off at 2:30 so we could eat but the town was in siesta time. Everything shutdown between 1 and 4. We tried to call Bob but he had his phone off. After walking around trying to find someplace to eat we decided to take the bus to Cortona. But we had to figure out how to do this. Finding the bus stop was relatively easy but we had a difficult time figuring out the route. Chris and I were stealing wifi outside a pizzeria when they came back to tell us there would be a bus in 5 minutes.

As we were getting on the bus and trying to figure out how to pay and board Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA was playing through the speakers. Very appropriate. We sat down and enjoyed about a 10 minute ride to Cortona.

We were very pleased with ourselves for figuring the bus thing out.

Once in Cartona we found a place to eat and explored the shops.

Spider that Adam saw.

Every time we see a dog and we have seen many many dogs Andrea stops to pet it. I thought I should at least take one picture of her doing this. Whenever we can't find her we look for a dog and sure enough there she is.

The scenery behind them seems fake like a green screen cgi from a movie. It doesn't seem real.

Panoramic photos using the feature on my camera.

We did lots of shopping. Bought more shot glasses and post cards. Adam bought 2 pairs of shoes. Andrea wine. Adam and I also bought some Tuscan Cigars. And of course we had more Gelato.

The plan for tonight is a "surprise" from Uncle. It is a movie which will Under the Tuscan Sun or Top Gun. I want Top Gun in Italian.

Uncle Bob picked us up from Cortona and we returned to the Villa. Auntie Steph was still not feeling well but we drank wine, ate popcorn, and salami and cheese and watched Under the Tuscan Sun. I wrote the day 5 and 6 blogs. It was neat to see the places in the movie. We had been to some. The restaurant we ate at the first night was one of the first places we recognized.

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