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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Viaggo Italiano Giorno-Dieci-Tre

When we got back around midnight the AC would not work.Did I mention how HOT it is here. Still probably in mid 70's and humid at midnight.

Uncle Bob evenly found a breaker on the outside of the building that we flipped and it started working.

Writing this on patio and playing with the dog. Don't tell Andrea. Church bells ringing at 8:45. I think I will miss the bells ringing also. Can't figure out why they ring at random times besides the hour and half hour. Different in every city.

This place is not as nice as the others. The apartment the rest of them have is OK. Theirs is at least redone. Ours is old. It is the only place that has had a toilet paper holder though.

We all realized we are starting to feel exhausted. The busy days, late nights and early mornings are catching up with us. We are sad to leave but we have had an awesome time and need to rest. We crammed a lot into 12 days which is actually 10 full days in Italy.

Since every post should have photos. Here are some miscellaneous ones.

I like how they display you entering and leaving a town.

And the AutoGrill. We love the AutoGrille. An American truckstop with great food and a stores.

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