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Saturday, April 16, 2011

San Francisco/IUG Day 3

I was extremely full from yesterday's delicious food so nothing to report about food. After a very productive day at the conference I went back to the hotel to change into comfortable clothes and shoes and grab my camera and a jacket.

I headed to the Powell/Market Cable Car stop to ride it Fisherman's Wharf. I took lots of pictures and uploaded them to a picasaweb album, but here are some. I also tried shooting video. I shot most of the ride and had fun making an iMovie trailer.


I took lots of pictures of the sun setting over the Golden Gate Bridge experimenting with the many features of my new camera. These may not be the best ones but I need time to see them on a real computer instead of the iPad.


Manny--Didn't try the Irish Coffee because I didn't want to be awake all night.

The line was short but the wait long for the ride home. Met a soon to be graduate from New York's Rochester Institute of Technologywho just had an for an interview for an Information Security position at Zynga and a group of people from Minnesota out for conference.

I said no food but I am going here for breakfast.

Time to go cram my brain full of info.


Location:O'Farrell St,San Francisco,United States

Friday, April 15, 2011

San Francisco/IUG Day 2

Actually from night one.

Pictures from The Stinking Rose in Little Italy, North Beach.

Outside The Stinking Rose on Columbia Street.

40 Clove Chicken. Didn't take picture of Bagna Calda appetizer.

Saved room for Gilroy Garlic Ice Cream. Was good but by the time I got to it my mouth was numb with garlic.

Sunrise from hotel room.

Tonight will be Cable Car ride to Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, and Ghirardelli Square. Time for a nap before afternoon sessions.

For co-workers reading this I have learned lots of things that the library can implement to improve work flows and customer service and I am only half way through Of course some require us to purchase modules from III, but many do not.


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Thursday, April 14, 2011

San Francisco/IUG Day 1

This is my second attempt as I lost what I wrote the first time. Now trying from app I downloaded. My losing post reaffirms that Safari sucks. But I am really tempted to give Apple money for my own iPad. It beats carry around a heavy laptop. I started the blog to use for my trip to Italy later this year. I want to share pictures with you all. Here goes my second attempt at posting pictures.

View from hotel room.
Anyone know how add a comment other then typing below?

View from other side of room.

Conference hotel. Right across the street.

My Hotel. Saving the great state of California money.

Just kidding. The Hotel Serrano. Very nice hotel with free wifi and LCD tv I can connect laptop to to watch Hulu.

Thought this was cool shot of reflection of sunset last night.

Breakfast!! Was on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Stood in line to get in. It is very small.

Menu. Tried to crop photo to see better but don't have an app for that yet.

Omelet! Toast was incredible. Home made sourdough. Will go back to try pancakes with real warm maple syrup.

Next are some random pics and walk back to hotel.

That is it so far. The Conference calls. More later. Tonight is North Beach and the Stinking Rose.