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Monday, May 30, 2011

Viaggo Italiano Giorno Due

Buon Giorno!

Just served breakfast on the plane. 9:00 pm to us and 6 am as we fly over Great Britain.

Slept a little on the plane. Feel good. Getting excited to finally be here. Well Germany. Not sure when lack of sleep will hit me. Hopefully I'll be able to crash during 5 hour layover.

Writing about day 2 on morning of day 3. Wow! Amazing! Beyond words what it felt like finally being here. But more of that later.

We are arrived in Frankfurt on time and checked in with Lufthansa to get our seats. Everyone got row 35 or 38 way back in the plane. I was in 22C. I had isle seat but lady was sitting in my seat who had window. She didn't want the window so I took it. Perfect. Easier to sleep.

We made our way to gate and through customs. They would not let us bring water in the water bottle through so I had to drink it all. At least it was only half full. The nice female german agent took my Dad's and emptied it for him even though she was not suppose to. Speaking of female Germans it seemed all the first ones we encountered where blond and blue eyed. Brian like Germany.

We now were on the quest for beer, bratwurst, and pretzels. Turned out we should have stayed on the arrival level. All the better food was there. But Chris and I were determined!!

After the beers it was time to try and crash.

Chris and I walked around to try and find me a German shot glass. No luck. But I found gelato and took a picture of the smoking booths.

The flight to Venice left on time. Most of us were asleep in our seats before the plane took off. I know I was. It was about an hour and 15 minute flight. I woke up during the last 15 minute decent into Venice.

We arrived in Venice but no customs again. We were all bummed we would only have a Germany stamp and not an Italy stamp in our passports. All out luggage made it. Woot!

Instead of riding the bus and then a water taxi from Piazza Roma that would take us right to the B&B we opted for a water taxi from the airport.

While we were waiting we were hungry so Chris found a cafe and brought back some prosciutto paninis. Chris and I summed it up as "Claro's times 1,0000". Claros is an Italian deli were my Sicilian Grandmother and our mothers would get what we thought was great Italian food. That is until now.

In case of an accident we are not getting out.

Shots of Venice Grand Canal from a small window in the front of the boat.

Part of the Rialto Bridge. Unfortunately we had to cross it with all our luggage.

Us and all the luggage we carried over the bridge.

Piazza outside our B&B.

We followed Rick Steves advice and ventured away from the tourist areas to find a place locals hangout.

Excellent house wine. Only two bottles consumed.

The service was great. They brought us extra appetizer that was this mushroom & bread thing. We ordered pizzas to share. The prosciutto and prosciutto/salame/artichoke was our favorite. They also gave us great little chocolate cups with a sweet liquor inside.

After we headed to St. Mark's square. It was surreal. Still hard to believe I am actually here. Taking it all in gave me the chills but that could also have been the exhaustion.

We decided to sit and take in the music and maybe gets drinks and sweets. Andrea notices that at the bottom of every page is a note saying there is a $6 euro charge per person for music. Doh!

11.50 euro for water and music. They only charged us 5 times for music instead of for all 8.

Dad is all tuckered out.

Andrea got suckered into buying glowing helicopter thing. Kinda like being bothered in TJ. Once she bought one others tried to sell her more.

More photos on the way back.

Writing this after day 3 adventures. Time to sleep. Will write about day 3 during car ride to Florence and Cortona.

Buona notte!!!

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