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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Viaggo Italiano Giorno Uno

Viaggo Italiano Giorno Uno --SAN -IAD-FRA-VCE

My mom doesn't/won't fly so she didn't come on the trip. This blog is for her. When I have time--Like now sitting on a plane for 8 hours I will provide all the details for her. Other times I will just be posting pictures and highlights from the days travels. Of course I need wi-fi to post so I will write everyday but post when I can. We Love and miss you mom.

How will all this fit?

It fit!

Bags are ready to go.

We are ready to go!!!!!!

For those that are reading this and don't know everyone. From left to right--Joe (Dad), Andrea (Chris's wife), Me, Kandice (Adam's girlfriend), Auntie Steph (Mother of Chris and Adam), Adam, Uncle Bob (Father of Chris and Adam) and last but not least the Birthday Boy--Dirty 30--Chris. Yes Chris spent his entire 30th B-Day on planes.

Will we all look as happy 12 days later?

Before we took this picture the entire terminal was filled with the sound of chirping birds. We watched as two people boarded our plane before us with two small cat carriers that contained at least two birds but sounded like at least four. We were all hoping they were not sitting by us including the nice gentleman that took our picture.

The Flight from SAN to IAD was smooth. I sat next to a couple that are devoted Padre fans. Each year they follow the team to another ballpark to watch them play. They were headed to watch the Padres play the Washington Nationals and then to watch them play the Orioles in Camden Yards in Baltimore. I got to tell them how my brother and I took my Dad to Cooperstown 2 years ago and how we visited many ballparks driving across the USA to visit my Aunt when she lived in Virginia. I would love to do what they are doing some day. Maybe just go to games at the park. Not follow the Padres.

I only heard the birds just before landing. I had my noise canceling headphones on. The birds were in the very back of the plane. My Dad said he heard them off and on the entire flight.


The layover at Dulles International in D.C. was quick. Man was it hot. We barely had time to grab food, Subway, and Kandice and Andrea had to stop at Dunkin Donuts.

We had a plane change. Rows of 3 3 and 3 instead of 2 5 and 2 so they moved our seats. Kandice, Adam, Dad, and myself were just behind 1st Class. Adam and Kandice had no seats in front of them so extra leg room. Auntie Steph, Uncle Bob, Chris and Andrea got moved to the back of the plane on the opposite side.

As I write this part we are cruising at 627 mph at 36,000 feet and have 3:39 left in our flight.

Hopefully this will get posted during the 5 1/2 hour layover in Germany. Going to drink some beer and eat some brats and Bavarian pretzels/pastries. The real pictures will start in Germany. Might try to leave the airport or at least go outside to get some shots.


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  1. Sounds like fun Brian. You better hope the Padre's don't see this post!