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Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Big Easy Part Deux

First a few things I left out from yesterday.

I was the lucky winner of a random, as picked by the metal detector, secondary inspection. I was hoping for a pat down, but just got my hands swabbed and then run through the analyzer.

Gary showed us where they are filming Planet of the Apes 2. Not too far from my hotel if I remember correctly. I looked on IMDB and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes stars Gary Oldman, Judy Greer and Keri Russel.

And now a few random thoughts.

I hope I never have to drive here. At least near the French Quarter. It has to be frustrating for the locals and I don't know how tourists do it. Taxies or public transportation is the only way to go. It is faster to walk then drive in the FQ.

What is up with the pink but mostly salmon, shirts, shorts, dresses, and even shoes. I first noticed a dude in the airport wearing pink Converse. Last night and today I saw a lot of dudes wearing pink and/or salmon. Pink is ok for a shirt, but not shorts and I now officially detest salmon shorts. Many women had salmon colored dresses on also. I will have to see if this is the summer fashion and I notice the salmon in California or it is a NOLA thing.

Speaking of clothes. I should have brought twice as many shirts. You need at least 2 shirts a day. One for the day and then one after you shower before going out in the evening. I guess I will be wearing Microsoft and other vendor t-shirts later in the week. Well maybe other vendors--never Microsoft.

And now for a picture.


Well a drink with dinner. A Hurricane at Willies Chicken Shack.

And actual Chicken at Willies Chicken Shack.

Nothing better than the cold/frozen drink after walking all day. The fried chicken was excellent.

I'll post pictures from today's Treme tour and steamboat ride later tonight. I need to drink more water to account for all that I sweated away today. I heard it hit 97 at one point. It was like being in a sauna for most of the day.

The third shower of the day may be in order.

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